Ambika Makin

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I first met Ambika on Twitter. She was in fact, the first person I had regular conversation with on Twitter who I did not know. At the time, I was building up the @Parsons560 Twitter account, and used it as a blend of my personal and professional life. It was an insider’s view on being the Social Media Editor for Parsons School of Fashion and Ambika was a prospective student, living in Anchorage, Alaska. She would tell me how excited she was when she sent in her application, she told me about her brothers and family members. I shared with her about my life in NYC, and we honestly struck up this friendship over about 6-months span of time.

Ambika Makin

Fast forward to Fall Orientation 2010…and I am welcoming the new class of about 500 students to Parsons. I was sharing our social media outlets with the incoming class. It was a chance for them to learn about our blog, and to Fan the Facebook page and then, when I got to Twitter, I said, “Is anyone following @Parsons560?” And no one raised their hands. Students were not on Twitter, as much as we believed they were. And still, in 2013, my students are not on Twitter folks. Perhaps 1 out of 18 is active on Twitter. So anyhow, back to the Orientation. I distinctly recall this moment, at a flash I excitedly asked, to the surprise of my Director, “Is there someone here named Amakin? <pause, no reply> Is there an Amakin here, she and I have chatted on Twitter?”  And all of a sudden I see a hang fling up , in the back of the darkened auditorium and she says “That’s me! I am here!”

See it took her a minute, as her name is Ambika, not Amakin. I only knew her by her Twitter avatar name!

I professed, “Okay, everyone, look how powerful this is. I have never met her in person, yet we have been chatting on Twitter, and we’re about to meet. She already knows a professor and Administrator at this school. Get yourselves on Twitter and start networking!”

Ambika has since graduated. She never enrolled in my classes, as she studied Fashion Design.  But we worked together a LOT. She live tweeted many events for Parsons, wrote articles on the blog, and helped with my research on many occasions.  I am so proud to introduce you to this amazing, talented, hard working and very networked young woman. Follow Her On Twitter and Instagram, now!

Describe what you do in one sentence:

Ambika: I work Public Relations and Communications on diverse brand management projects to represent fashion brands, individuals, celebrities, corporate companies, and non-project organizations.

What is the most common question people ask you about right now?

A common question I receive is how I reached the place I am in now and the experiences I had along the way. I received a Bachelor’s of Arts of Psychology and continued my education in Fashion Design at Parsons the New School for Design before working in the field of public relations and communications.

What is the coolest new techie product you’ve seen recently?

I cannot live without my Mophie Powerstation External Battery Charger. Unfortunately, it is not a new tech product; however, it I used it on a daily basis and it always saves me when my phone is about to run out of battery.

What area of study/major/reading subject do you suggest for people interested in doing what you do?

Public Relations, Journalism, and Communications – also, stay active with your social media platforms and expanding your digital footprint!

What one thing do you wish you knew about your industry before you got into it?

If I were to give advice to someone looking to work in PR, I would tell them to really think about what industry and projects they would like to work on. PR is a very segmented industry where there are many opportunities and firms that are specialized in one field. This gives people the chance to work on projects that really align with their passions and career goals, so it is pivotal that people know what they are going into when they are hired for a certain firm.

What’s your favorite viral video?

Talking Twin Babies” is one of my favorite viral videos.


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