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Targeted brand voice management across all social media platforms

Client Consulting Social Media

Your business is unique, and your social media and online marketing should be as well. Are you using your best brand voice to communicate with your customers? Perhaps you have a hunch that expanding into Twitter will help you connect with your tribe in an instant. Maybe you see that your competitors have very active Pinterest boards and you want to understand more about it. Or you might recognize that your website needs modernizing to more accurately reflect the changing face of your company, and to provide the most responsive customer experience. If so, you have come to the right place.

As a digital marketing consultant, I work alongside my clients to build their online brand voice. A brand voice program develops a set of phrases and imagery that you share online in order to connect in an authentic way with your community. If you produce the right content, reflecting your values and your customers’ beliefs, then your online tribe will share it.

You will learn more about your customers and their online community, and how to explain your brand in terms that evoke emotion, connection and your position as the authority on the subject you know best. You’re already connecting with your customers: at the point of sale, online, with your customer service department. Now they expect (and deserve) the same great service from your social media accounts.  I will meet with your internal team to get a clear picture of how you operate and how your customers have come to be loyal. Because your business is personal, so is mine.

We build a Content Calendar to ensure we hit all of your social media platforms in unique and meaningful ways. I can manage the community; this includes customer service, sharing tips, writing copy, and producing and editing imagery. Social media is a visual and, for the most part, brief, way to build the community online. If your goals are to drive traffic, increase brand engagement and reach and drive revenue, then the tools of social media may be excellent free options, but building the right content and sharing information at the right time is more of an art. Inquire today if you have questions and to explore if hiring a digital marketing consultant is right for your business.

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