I am a Freemium Addict

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This past winter, it was bitter cold in New York City, with lots of snow. This means lots of meals indoors, lots of Friday nights on the sofa and for me, it meant developing a new addiction. I’m not sure if becoming addicted to something positive, which supports growth, can be called an addiction. But just so it’s clear,  I am a recovering Freemium Addict.

Freemium works like this. You can sample someone’s online consulting business, technology training program, to learn a simple introductory process by giving them your email and in return you get…ta da…glowing lights, angels singing, a Freemium! It’s as exciting if not more than I can explain in words.

So let me tell you in pictures, and links, and you too can join me in recovery. Join the bleary eyed, and over-educated because it’s actually fun to learn this way. It’s the shopping equivalent of a gift with purchase, although wait, there is no purchase requirement. It’s really, really free, for the price of your email. That’s the price of a ticket on the Freemium train.

Victoria Gigante

It all started with a 21 day course, to “Learn to Embrace what you already have.” The amazingly talented coach, Victoria Gigante, has an online course that is delivered to your inbox every morning, over a span of 21 days. She asks you to commit, just 3 minutes a day, to do these very small exercises, very simple steps, to embrace your life and feel empowered.  I enrolled in her program last August, as I returned from my usual summer on the French Mediterranean and found myself in a bit of a panic about returning to work. I know every professor feels this tip in the balance from summer to school year, it’s difficult. Granted, I do work in the summers, on research, and teaching online, but I choose to do this from the S of France.  So I took the course and I uncovered a lot about myself, and my routines or lack of routines. She has you set a daily practice, and the addition of journaling to my mornings has been life changing. Try it, it’s free, and tell her I sent you.

Paige Rowett

I then discovered Paige Rowett, Marketing Consultant based in Australia. Her Freebie is a Marketing Strategy Template, which is a very thorough and colorful downloadable template. Plus, the How To implement video guide, delivered in a beautiful Australian accent supports your experience and learning. The most value I gained from connecting with Paige, through the Freemium, was eventually buying her valuable DIY SEO EKit strategy course. I am presently half way through it, as it is quite detailed and again, thorough. This course, has been the absolute best, by far, SEO instruction I’ve received to date. And I’ve taken and read a gabillion classes and blogs on the subject. No one has been able to explain SEO like Miss Paige. Kudos to her.


Karen GuntonAnd this delightful lady is Karen Gunton of Build a Little Biz. She inspired me to be extremely passionate about visual imagery. Visuals and Shareables were exploding on social media this past fall, with all of the changes Facebook and Twitter were making, and the real truth that Instagram is a major player for fashion brands. I needed to know the What, Why and HOW.  Karen delivers.  She is full of spark and creativity. The free training spans a few weeks, and is delivered in video with supporting links to free resources. She is extremely clear in her training, and offers very specific goals and lessons each week, I looked forward to the class arriving and implemented all of the tips each week with much success! My research assistant and I spent the better half of December going through the Freemium: Free Image Maker class. Sign up now, get yourself on her mailing list and be sure to read her blog. Tell her hi for me!

What Freemiums have you signed up for lately? Share the links in our Comments section below.

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  • Paige Rowett - Reply

    April 30, 2014 at 6:42 pm

    Thank you so much for your kind comments Gretchen! I’m so pumped that you are finding my ekit informative and useful! SEO is a hard topic to simplify, and I’m thrilled that you think it is the ‘best’ SEO instruction you’ve seen so far! x

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