Social is not just for marketing anymore, Is your customer service department listening?

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Luxury brands typically avoid social media engagement, or don’t take it seriously. They believe it detracts from the mystique and exclusivity of the brand.  Whereas, 48% of the wealthiest consumers, prefer customer service via social media channels rather than phoning into a customer service hotline.

What’s a luxury brand to do, continue to not take this seriously? Or figure it out.  We suggest the latter.

A full research paper and presentation was presented by me and my research partner, Karinna Nobbs of the London College of Fashion in January 2014 at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute’s Colloquia and refreshed and presented in October 2014 at Fashion Now and Then, held at LIM College, NYC.

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I will then forward a private link to access a full audio presentation directly to you.  There are four short case studies of brands effectively using social media customer service, plus plenty of valid research necessary for you to take to your customer service team.

In the meantime, download an up-to-date list of social customer service conferences, and businesses here: SCS_AdditionalResources.


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