Social Media Lessons from the big guys.

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How to improve your social media health. Here we dive into 5 behavioral adjustments any brand should undertake. When we notice it happening by the big brands, we know the little brands can learn and correct faster. Happy communicating!

1. Stay small even when you’re big.

Whether you are considering multiple country accounts for your brand, or diffusion line accounts, if you can’t manage them don’t open them. Go big by offering rich, valuable content in your existing platforms. When we expand to multiple platforms, we sometimes make the mistake of spreading ourselves too thin and that shows. Go deep, actually connect with your customers rather than worrying about whether or not you need to have a Facebook page for each country you are in.

2. Don’t be shy.

Tell us about your cool partnerships. Share the history of the designer, or artist. If they have multiple passions, such as cooking, or waterskiing, tell us. It makes us connect even more with the passionate brand you are. What do you love about your own brand? Share this! What do you love about your designer, tell this too. This is how you build a relationship. Don’t be shy.

3. Don’t flood the feed.

No matter who you are, if I receive 3 tweets in a row about different announcements, I cannot read all of them. I really cannot, nor do I want to so you know what, most likely, I will pass ALL of them by. Eek! What?!! Yep, you may think as a brand you are sharing such valuable important information but as a customer I think ugh, another three in a row. Invest in a free tool or paid tool if you have announcements or even replies to make at one time. Honestly even 10 or 15 minutes may save you from getting totally swiped over.

4. Attitude.

Attitude is a difficult thing to discuss here under any generalizations. Because if you are a snarky, underdog brand then you’ll be speaking in those terms. But what about when you make it big or bigger? Won’t your fans realize hey this guy’s not an underdog anymore, I saw his stuff in Barneys’. He’s made it now why the ‘tude? Recognize we know about you, we read about you, we follow your social accounts for pete’s sake! So if you need to grow up and be proud, we’re with you. And if not, we’ll find another underdog to support.

5. Say my Name.

If you are going to run customer service on your social accounts, and please tell me you are, do not cut and paste every single reply. I can read your feed! Say my name, reply to me like you are a human unless of course you are a bot then tell me you are. I am coming to you on social to ask a question, please treat me like the human I am. Unless I’m a bot then I’ll be sure to share that too.

What have you learned from observing the big names in fashion on social? We’re all still trying to figure this out, so please share in the comments and if you liked this article, tell a friend.

And enjoy this skyline photo of Tokyo, the city that is really big.

Social Media Lessons from the Big Guys

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  • Jacqueline Rizk - Reply

    January 17, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Well, I needed all of this as I have the propensity to spread myself too thin wanting to do it ALL…. and since I know ZERO about using social media effectively, I am so guilty about flooding the feed. I never know how much is too much, so yeah, I guess it’s back to Buffer for me!

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