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This morning I was listening to Todd Henry’s Podcast, “The Accidental Creative.” The episode entitled, “Stoking Your Curiosity” had me pulling out my notebook as I waited on a late train which, in fact, never arrived. Let me explain. I am spending my 5th summer in a row in the S. of France. I have set up a networking lunch with a fragrance company in Grasse, and while waiting for the train, there was at first a 30 minute delay, then it became a 40 minute delay, upon which eventually led me to learn a new French word, “supprime” meaning “to delete, to cut” or in my case, “no train.”  However, I luckily grabbed the iPod on my way out the door and listened to Todd stoke my curiosity and jot down 3 pages of short hand notes. So here goes!

The List.  It is inspired by Johnny Cash, who gave to his daughter Roseanne, at age 18, a list of the 100 essential country songs for her to expand her knowledge.)

My list takes the shape of the top 5 resources, which got me through the first half of 2014. They came in all different forms, some in books, some podcasts and others in online communities and courses. But I would not be where I am today, well maybe I’d still be on the Cote d’Azur, but in terms of mentally, and intellectually and curiously stokedly if it were not for this list of tools.

ONE: Three Simple Steps, book and process by Trevor G. Blake. He swiftly and sensibly connects positive outlook with success. It’s much more than that and also included taking quiet time or meditation daily. This guy is the real deal, and has sparked my interest in quantum physics. Woah, what??  Yes if you want to really open your mind he’s the one.

TWO: The Accidental Creative, podcasts – Todd Henry. I find his interviews insightful, inspiring and honestly I’m always jotting notes or looking something up afterwards. They are better than Ted talks as the interviews are not here to prove anything, just be honest and Todd has a great way of getting out the best in people in a short format audio. Definitely his book, “Die Empty” is on my list for when I return to the States.

THREE: Making Ideas Happen, book by Scott Belsky, Founder of the Behance Network. Finished this one up at the beginning of my travels this summer. Scott has the credentials (Leadership Development Initiative at Goldman Sachs) who turned to the creative community recognizing that we needed some serious management training and thus began his study and creation of Behance. Kind of crushing on him as a creative professional, and loved the methods, processes and see myself as a Doer most of the time, but sometimes an Incrementalist.

FOUR: Dexterous Diva & Dudes, online community and blog, with Blogging for Bootcamp class all run by Jo Gifford. She beat me up this June, in the Blogging for Business Bootcamp (affiliate link) in a very good way. I research this stuff, I teach this stuff, but I rarely “do” this stuff and this lady DOES this blogging stuff like a bootcamp director. Get your sweatbands on cause you are going to learn a shit ton of tools and techniques. It’s crazy good and I’ve been implementing incrementally and networking with the other bootcampers, so much fun.

FIVE: Searching within, via meditation. Headspace is an online guided series, others via iTunes and other communities offer more visualized meditation.

Gretchen Harnick Selfie Paris June 2014

If you follow my Instagram, you’ve been seeing some of my updates. While I’m not a huge fan of my own selfies, I like this photo I took during a long windy walk along the Seine. I am taking this adventure and next phase of the year, as the wind blows while remaining rooted and grounded in my progress.

You can talk about doing personal growth work, you can talk about maturing or growing and developing. But you have to commit to it, find accountability partners, and be open to exposing yourself to whatever comes your way. Because when it does, you will be ready.

What is on YOUR LIST of game changing resources, for the first half of 2014? Let me know by making a comment here.

I’d love to hear what’s getting you on top of your game.

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  • Kim - Reply

    November 1, 2014 at 6:45 am

    I was thinking about this recently too. I’ve been doing a lot of different things this year, and it has been great! Here are the resources that have made a difference this year…

    1. Life Book 2014 (I will be doing this again next year, no question!) for mixed media art lessons, which are really fun!
    2. The Create your Amazing Year workbook by Leonie Dawson (Yes to 2015’s workbook too) to help me plan and encourage results, and the Amazing Biz & Life Academy to teach me how to build my business
    3. … well, housework gets done now!
    4. The Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte. to help keep my plans true to my vision/wishes
    5. Darren Hardy (Darren Daily mailing list) … keeps me on track

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