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Whenever I am doing an interview, inevitably the journalist asks me “What are your favorite instagram accounts? Who’s doing it well?” and for some reason I choke. I go back to the standard, “I love what Chanel is doing” but honestly in the classroom if a student said Chanel I would push them for more.

And here I am, giving the standard answer!  So now I present to you my list of Instagram acounts I’m loving right now:

OAK Instagram1.  Oak NYC – I’ve always loved this retailer and designer brand Oak for their point of view. They created an Instagram which makes it SO CLEAR to the audience, who they are and what you’ll find in stores. Black and white clothing, who can’t get on board with that?! Plus the edgy vibe comes though no matter if they publish from their west coast, east coast or Paris store. I’m happy for Jeff and his whole team for their consistently fab work.


The Row Instagram

2.  The Row – I’ve been following The Row on Instagram when they were not publishing well. What?! Yes, even a top brand can have a rocky start. But I’m so happy to see the quality, consistency and artful appearance of their account year after year now. The mishap was maybe 3 years back, it’s good to know we all have to start somewhere. I feel like I’m in an art museum when I’m on their account, somewhere between Moscow, Berlin, and New York wearing their dreamy drapey garments. I absolutely love The Row on Insta for the places it takes me if only in my head. . . the best place to travel.


Darling Magazine Instagram

3.  Darling Magazine – Recently discovered, I immediately fell in love (big double tap) with the instagram account of Darling. I know that not everything they share is my lifestyle, but it does make me want to bring cut fresh flowers into my home and read more. I like accounts which elevate my mood, or make me stop and question, they prompt thought are self-reflective. So as an aim for anyone’s content strategy, consider this. How can you increase your readers intellect, their desire to be more, and live more?


69 US Denim Instagram

4. 69 US – I was introduced to this instagram by a client of mine. I love how much they use video content, and it just feels like a party when you see their page. Music, movement, clothing and laughter….it makes me smile seeing their work.  We become so jaded in fashion, we think there is nothing new but then someone like denim brand 69 US comes around and I’m delighted. It’s fun and their denim styling is unique and looks quite comfortable too!


Man Woman Fashion Trade Show instagram

5.  Man Woman Shows – How on earth can you make a trade show account look hip and creative? By being hip and creative as a trade show, that’s how!  Man Woman shows offers up unique product lines to the fashion industry, in a sea of fashion trade shows they are the best new kid in town. Their instagram is a mix of information about the shows plus flat lays, show shots and brand profiles. These guys get it, and I’m happy to say they make me want to attend the show by being exciting and enticing. Two marketing terms we love to incorporate into our work. Bravo Man/Woman! See you in Paris!

There you have it, my top ….. Oh wait, hold the phone!


Pattern to Plan Instagram

6. Pattern to Plan has evolved over the past 9 months into something I’m quite proud of.  I have enjoyed developing our branded shareables and working with my extraordinary design intern Roxy, living her life in Mexico City. I’ve also appreciated coming out from behind the curtain to show more of me as the consultant. I try to incorporate the images I share with insights into branding, marketing, and other words of wisdom for fashion startups and entrepreneurs.Check us out and say hi.

Which are your favorite instagram accounts? Share in the comments below.

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